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We’re excited that you’re considering us!

Our Funders are individuals who seek purpose and fulfillment. That’s why The Founder’s Chair isn’t just a funding platform; it’s a collaborative community where expertise, mentorship, and investment converge. Visionary Funders, irrespective of their background, share a common desire—to contribute meaningfully to the success of innovative ventures.

The Founder’s Chair ensures their journey is not only lucrative but also personally rewarding, with an emphasis on quality engagements and strategic partnerships. Join us in the pursuit of meaningful growth and shared success.

What type of Funder are you?

Current Angel Investor


  • Seeking opportunities for substantial returns on investment.
  • Eager to contribute to the success of emerging businesses.
  • Values being a respected advisor, not just a source of funds.

What They Don’t Want:

  • Wasted time on underperforming ventures.
  • Continuous unsolicited pitches.
Retired Executive


  • Desiring a fresh, innovative venture in the industry.
  • Seeking a role as a coach rather than a full-time player.
  • Longing to stay connected and diversify their portfolio.

What They Don’t Want:

  • Full-time commitments.
  • Losing touch with industry relationships.
  • Extensive travel obligations.
Transitioned Leader


  • Eager to re-engage without the burden of daily operations.
  • Aiming to diversify their portfolio and regain relevance.
  • Interested in building indirectly and offering valuable advice.

What They Don’t Want:

  • Full-time commitments to a single organization.
  • Losing touch with industry relationships.
  • Starting a new business from scratch.
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Ready to rock?