Choose your seat, shape your future

Our goal is simple: to make sure every Founder, whether they leave with a commitment or not, departs with actionable advice to guide them as they take their rightful place in the founder’s chair of their company.

How it works for


How it works for


Creating a legacy to be proud of

At The Founder’s Chair, our events are meticulously curated, bringing together the brightest minds and the most promising proposals. Founders can delve into a dynamic, invite-only setting where they’ll connect with industry experts, receive valuable feedback, and possibly secure funding. Funders will be given an exclusive opportunity to interact with the next generation of entrepreneurs, share their expertise, and explore potential investment prospects. These events are where connections are forged to propel the entrepreneurial journey forward.

Founders Chair Room
THE FOUNDER'S CHAIR     chair   THE FOUNDER'S CHAIR     chair   THE FOUNDER'S CHAIR     chair   THE FOUNDER'S CHAIR     chair   
THE FOUNDER’S CHAIR     chair   

No, this isn’t a pitch competition, an accelerator, or an incubator

Traditional financing through banks or venture capitalists can be both painful and time-consuming. Asking for funding through family or friends can be downright awkward. Not to mention, neither of those options come with strategic advice to make your business thrive. That’s where we come in.

Program Announcement

Announcement of location, date, application deadlines, and event details.

Application Close

View this year’s application deadlines for each event here.

Founder Selection Day

Founders for this year’s program are selected for the full year.

Acceptance & Preparation Meeting

Founders who have been selected into the program will meet with James for preparation checklist.

Dry-Run of Presentation

Second meeting with James to review business plan and presentation.

Take Your Seat

Funders and Founders come together for our main event where Founders present their business plan and presentation to Funders.