Access the ultimate business resource

Making your vision of the future into reality is highly dependent on having the right team, internally and within the business community.

We’ve been in your position and understand the advantage of having access to mentoring and funding from industry experts who have traveled your path and understand what it takes to bring ideas to fruition. This is why we’ve founded The Founder’s Chair.

Does this sound familiar?

I need a partner who understands my vision and can help me avoid pitfalls when building.”

Does this sound familiar?

“I have an awesome business model, but I need strategic and financial support to capitalize on this opportunity.”

Does this sound familiar?

“I want someone who can teach me. Not someone who dumps money into my business and only communicates with me on profits.”

Does this sound familiar?

“If all else fails, I’ll just ask my family or friends for funding.”

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Why you’ll want to meet our funders


We use a curated approach to bring selected members of the next generation of founders together with individuals interested in mentoring, investing in and funding viable business plans.


These industry experts have successfully transitioned through sales, acquisitions, or mergers within the industry and now have the personal bandwidth to be sounding boards for marketing, business, and financing strategies.


Along with their interest in your success, they bring coveted market connections to help you and your offerings be heard and seen. In exchange, these funders become partners or investors in the potential upside of your business through credit structures, equity stakes or dividends.

Empowering Founders to take any seat at the table


Obtain the mentoring, feedback, and strategies to position you for success from the start.


Receive the funding needed to turn your business plans into your new reality.


Repurpose your energy towards growing your business instead of searching for qualified Funders.


Be introduced to industry influencers, decision-makers, and Funders


Whether selected for further funding or investment, all participants in The Founder’s Chair events gain access to ongoing networking and insights.

Understanding our
event-style model

Every four months, we will select our next group of founders from among the most promising proposals we receive and invite them, along with four or five Funders, to a two-day meeting. Here, prospective founders will privately present their pitches, receive feedback, and possibly secure funding.

The goal is to ensure that whether a Founder leaves with a commitment or not, they receive actionable advice to help ensure they will occupy the founder’s chair at their company for many years to come.

Founders Chair Seat

How to secure an invitation to take your seat at our table

To learn if you qualify to participate in our next event, complete and submit an application through our secure portal.

Understand that all information you share is covered by a confidentiality agreement and is for evaluation purposes only to determine if you are ready to meet with our Funders.

If we think you would be a good fit, we will schedule a “virtual” sit-down to discuss the program and help you prepare to make the most of your participation at our next event.