Be the ultimate business resource

Remember at the beginning, when you were starting out with questions about the next steps and positioning? Just think what it would have been like to have had access to a community of trusted mentors and funders willing to advise you as you made strategic decisions.

Have you often thought...

“I miss the action. I need a new venture that I wake up actually excited about pursuing.”

Have you often thought...

“There’s so much potential in this industry and I want to be a part of its success.”

Have you often thought...

Have you often thought...

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Your chance to pay it forward


As a seated member of The Founder’s Chair, you can contribute as much time and energy as you would like to give others the opportunity to achieve what you’ve achieved.


We use a community-driven networking approach to introduce four or five funders to small groups of potential founders at regularly held events.


Each funder will have successfully transitioned — through a sale, acquisition, or merger — from a company they helped establish, allowing them the personal bandwidth to serve as a resource on marketing, strategy and fundraising


Along with your enthusiasm and experience as a funder, you will also bring the coveted industry connections needed to help get our selected group of founders seen and heard, and the value of their companies appreciated.

Your playground for opportunity

Three ways you can get involved


Make an active investment and impact the results rather than passively investing through a fundraising or private equity platform


Share your hard-won expertise on how to build a business with those who can benefit the most from it and, together, create a legacy


Capitalize on an opportunity to continue influencing the future of your industry while giving back.

Understanding our
event-style model

Every four months, we will select our next group of founders from among the most promising proposals we receive and invite them, along with four or five funders, to a two-day meeting. Here, prospective founders will privately present their pitches, receive feedback, and possibly secure funding.

The goal is to ensure that whether a founder leaves with a commitment or not, they receive actionable advice to help ensure they will occupy the founder’s chair at their company for many years to come.

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How to get involved

To get involved as a funder with The Founder’s Chair, complete and submit an application through our secure portal.

Understand that all information you share is covered by a confidentiality agreement and is for evaluation purposes only to determine if you are ready to meet with our funders.

If we think you would be a good fit, we will schedule a “virtual” sit-down to discuss the program and help you prepare to make the most of your participation at our next event.