From Frustration to Fulfillment

Jon Loyhayem and Alevo Financial’s Experience with The Founder’s Chair

In the competitive world of insurance, Jon Loyhayem found himself at the pinnacle of a network marketing firm after eight years in the industry. Climbing the ranks, he achieved success by all conventional measures, yet an underlying frustration and financial struggle persisted. Feeling trapped in a system that prioritized activity over true business ownership, Jon chased after a change that led him to James Wong and The Founder’s Chair.

As the founder of Alevo Financial, Jon represents a growing segment in the marketplace—individuals with extensive insurance knowledge but lacking the expertise to navigate the complexities of starting a new agency. The gap in his understanding was precisely what The Founder’s Chair filled for him.

Alevo Financial specializes in providing expert insurance solutions, ranging from basic individual protection plans to intricate retirement and business protection plans for individuals and businesses alike. Jon’s journey began with a realization: he needed to break free from a system that didn’t align with his vision of true ownership and success. “I underwent Many interviews and left feeling talked down to and underappreciated,” explained Jon. “In contrast, James treated me as an equal though younger, building the confidence I had in my potential.”

Ideas, Connections, and Solutions

Connecting with James, Jon found more than just a wholesaler for insurance contracts; he discovered a confidant and mentor. James provided essential support in structuring his business model, implementing effective technology solutions, and refining marketing and recruiting strategies. The partnership allowed Jon to launch and grow his agency with newfound confidence.

Recognizing Jon’s potential, James took him to NAILBA this year, introducing him to industry leaders and expanding his network. This experience not only showcased the support system within The Founder’s Chair but also empowered Jon, reinforcing that success in the insurance industry is about outworking everyone, regardless of background.

“My advice to those wanting to pursue their own agency is that comfort must be overcome through risk-taking to achieve growth beyond current limits,” added Jon. “Success requires bold action and it’s especially good if somebody of James’ caliber in the industry is behind you.”

In the journey from frustration to fulfillment, Jon Loyhayem’s story exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship, knowledge, and a supportive community—elements at the core of The Founder’s Chair’s mission.

Jon Loyhayem in blue suit with white shirt and red tie

"Comfort must be overcome through risk-taking to achieve growth beyond current limits."