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We’re thrilled to hear feedback that both Funders and Founders had an incredible experience. From insightful pitches to valuable networking opportunities, it was filled with innovation and collaboration.
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Founder Overviews

White Swan

White Swan is transforming the life insurance industry with its smart technology platform, offering consumers a next-generation experience of buying permanent life insurance. Led by a team of experienced leaders, White Swan is committed to empowering individuals to live financially stable lives by providing simple digital access to the powerful features of permanent life insurance.

The Admin Effect

The Admin Effect is dedicated to empowering financial professionals in the industry by providing personalized consulting solutions to navigate the complexities of the financial services landscape. With a client-centric ethos and a team of skilled account executives, The Admin Effect helps firms conquer obstacles and capitalize on emerging opportunities to achieve ultimate success.


The IRMAA CP equips financial professionals with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of retirement planning, particularly the impact of IRMAA (Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount). With a focus on financial instruments and appeals processes, IRMAA Certified Planners provide invaluable guidance to clients planning for retirement.


Stream offers a comprehensive platform that empowers insurance distributors with best-in-class solutions to grow their businesses. With a focus on technology, marketing, recruiting, and finance, Stream is leading the industry as the first Insurance Growth Organization, providing agencies of all sizes with professional technology and tech-enabled services.

Agent Review

Agent Review is committed to providing consumers with unbiased advice on common forms of insurance and highlighting local agents whose credentials have been independently verified. With a focus on transparency and credibility, Agent Review offers consumers valuable insights to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Real Innovation

Real Innovation is changing the life insurance experience with its modern approach to the application process, prioritizing convenience and efficiency for consumers. By partnering with industry-leading life insurance companies and leveraging innovative technology, Real Innovation delivers results in minutes, matching consumers with the best policies and prices available.




From the Founders


Such a great event! Funders were very accessible and the venue was perfect.


The entire process was smooth and easy. The food and drinks were great, and it was an intimate enough setting to be able to network.


It was impctful having the funders who are founders themselves understand and appreciate my business.


We really appreciated having direct interaction with James along with the coaching he provided to help us be successful.


The excitement about our presence leading up really made us feel valued. Also the energy from your team upon our arrival was awesome!


It was an honor to be a part of the first event!!! Great job!!!