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So excited to support a mission-oriented initiative in the insurance and financial services industry – The Founder’s Chair! Founded by the accomplished James Wong, this event-style effort is bridging the gap between business veterans and the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s all about collaboration, innovation, and giving back.

Check out this awesome business collaborative:

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Absolutely thrilled to share insights on The Founder’s Chair, a game-changer in the industry founded by James Wong. Their commitment to fostering growth through collaboration, equity, and revenue share agreements is truly inspiring. Whether starting a business, taking your agency to the next level, or transitioning your career, The Founder’s Chair is focused on helping you take your seat at the table. See for yourself:

#Collaboration #Entrepreneurship #InsuranceLeadership

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Honored to be part of The Founder’s Chair movement, spearheaded by James Wong. It’s not just about business; it’s about giving individuals with great ideas a platform to do so and allowing seasoned business owners the chance to get back in the game.

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A shoutout to James Wong and The Founder’s Chair for revolutionizing the insurance and financial services landscape. Their commitment to supporting aspiring founders and seasoned funders through collaboration and innovation is commendable. Learn more here:

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Stoked to see James Wong lead his newest initiative, The Founder’s Chair! It’s both refreshing and exciting to know you don’t have to be born into this industry or know someone in it to succeed. Need help as a startup? Need capital to grow? Ready for the next step in your career? The Founder’s Chair is your playground of opportunity.

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