Building Trust, Fueling Growth

Cake Partnership’s Journey to Becoming an Agency

Making the decision to start your own agency can be intimidating. Will you secure enough funding? Will your peers see the potential of your ambition? Is your business model unique enough to stand out in the crowd? Despite these challenges, Phil Graham of Cake Partnership sought independence and found an invaluable ally in James Wong and The Founder’s Chair. Phil’s story is one of growth, trust, and the transformative power of mentorship.

Specializing in serving and advancing the community of advisors, Cake Partnership stands apart by offering expert-level knowledge of financial solutions. With a commitment to exclusivity, they operate by referral only, exemplified by its tagline, “unapologetically not for everyone.” This bespoke approach ensures a focused dedication to providing top-tier financial services and solutions to a select group of advisors committed to achieving unparalleled success.


Why The Founder’s Chair?

Phil partnered with James because he saw beyond a transactional relationship; he needed a mentor with honesty, experience, and the ability to provide strategic advice. James not only believed in Phil’s vision but went a step further, offering contracts based on potential rather than immediate volume, enabling Phil to increase his opportunities from day one.


Navigating Challenges, Maximizing Opportunities

Competing with larger organizations and needing to expand contracts were some of the main challenges Phil faced. The solution? Turning to James where he could aggregate volume from the start. Phil’s business skyrocketed to nearly $100 million in sales in just three years with only two part-time employees.

What sets James apart for Phil is trust. “I unequivocally trust James to be honest and take care of people,” explained Phil. “This trust has allowed me to confidently recommend others to seek guidance through James and The Founder’s Chair. At the end of the day, I know they will receive the same level of care and strategic support as I did.”


The Excitement for Founders Chair

Beyond the success of Cake Partnership, Phil’s enthusiasm extends to the future of The Founder’s Chair. Eager to give back, Phil looks to participate as a mentor and, eventually, a funder. His excitement revolves around innovative ideas, the prospect of being around intelligent and successful individuals, and the desire to expedite the growth of startups.

 “James has been the driving force behind Cake Partnership’s success,” added Phil. “His belief in my vision and the strategic support he provides are unparalleled. I trust him implicitly, and that’s why I’ve referred others to him.”

The Founder’s Chair is not just a platform; it’s a community where mentorship and collaboration redefine the path to success. Phil’s journey exemplifies the essence of The Founder’s Chair—fostering growth, building trust, and creating a community where success is not only achieved but shared.

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"I'm so eager to give back. I'm hoping to participate in TFC as a mentor and, eventually, a funder."