A Blueprint for Growth

The Epik Advisors and James Wong Partnership

In November 2020, Josh Gentry launched Epik Advisors with a mission to revolutionize the financial advisory landscape. His vision was clear: provide high-performing financial advisors nationwide with customized solutions, encompassing sales support, practice management strategies, and innovative marketing initiatives. The goal was to facilitate not only business growth but also to enhance their overall lifestyle.

James Wong’s Impact on Epik Advisors’ Journey

Josh’s journey with James began through a recommendation from a trusted industry friend who had experienced firsthand the transformative support James provided in growing a new business. What stood out most for Josh was James’s profound understanding of business dynamics. From team management to consistent value addition, strategic connections with successful entrepreneurs, and insightful decision-making strategies, James brought a comprehensive skill set to the table.

“What makes my affiliation with Josh especially unique is that we worked together for three years,” said James. “I got to see him build something from scratch and then sell it to a larger firm where he is now leading the sales team.”

The impact on Josh’s business was profound. Within 20 months, he built a company from the ground up and successfully sold it for a eight-figure profit. Throughout this journey, James’s insights proved invaluable, offering guidance during critical decision-making junctures.


Why Choose to Work with The Founder’s Chair?

Josh emphatically recommends working with James and The Founder’s Chair for founders or funders considering collaboration. “Beyond his exceptional skills and knowledge, James operates with unwavering integrity,” explained Josh. “His selfless approach, coupled with an abundance mindset, sets him apart.” Genuinely invested in the success of those he works with, James believes that collective success leads to sustained prosperity.

As Josh continues to experience significant growth, his association with The Founder’s Chair is not a matter of “if” but “when.” He envisions leveraging The Founder’s Chair’s expertise in future opportunities, confident that the collaboration will be a key element in his ongoing success.

Josh Gentry’s journey with James Wong and The Founder’s Chair exemplifies the transformative power of strategic collaboration, paving the way for continued success and innovation in the financial advisory sector.

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