7 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Agency’s Playbook for Growth

7 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Agency’s Playbook for Growth

It’s natural for seasoned agency owners to rely on the strategies that got them where they are today. But just like winning teams in any sport, staying competitive requires annual adjustments to the playbook to incorporate changes in personnel and playing conditions.

Here are some tips for fine-tuning your game plan.

#1: Step back to move forward

Assess your agency’s current state. Review your strengths, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and identify untapped opportunities. Inviting key team members and clients to weigh in can yield insights you might not have considered.

#2: Skate where the puck is going to be

Understand the evolving needs, preferences, and challenges of your client base. Solicit direct client feedback during meetings and through short, follow-up surveys. Being an avid consumer of the latest generational and wealth research allows you to be in a position to meet needs as they change.

#3: Ensure the agency works for the team

Craft a growth strategy that aligns seamlessly with your agency’s core values while addressing your agent’s needs. Identify areas for expansion that dovetail with their requirements without disturbing the equilibrium of existing relationships. Then, clearly communicate how your growth initiatives will directly benefit them.

#4: Tackle different fee structures

Consider incorporating fee-based services and trail commissions into your growth strategy. These innovations can enhance your client services but still serve your agent distribution if they are designed to include flexible fee structures.

#5: Embrace a tech-forward position

Support a tech-forward culture within your agency. Invest in staff training and development to equip your team to thrive in a technology-enhanced environment. AI, in particular, has the potential to streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide data-driven insights for better decision-making.

#6: Make it personal

Personalization should remain at the heart of your expansion. Ensure that any new services you add are tailored precisely to each agent’s unique requirements and preferences. The basic principle of getting more from less applies here.

#7: Monitor, assess, adapt, and repeat

Continuously monitor the outcomes of your growth strategies. Assess agent satisfaction, track revenue trends, and evaluate efficiency gains. Remain agile and be ready to refine your strategy based on data-driven insights. Then, repeat.

Remember, changing to meet your clients’ and agents’ evolving needs does not compromise your legacy. It’s how you ensure that what you’ve built continues to thrive

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